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Robots are simple machines made of many different parts that are programmed to run automatically. Programmers are the engineers that create step-by-step instructions, or algorithms, that tell robots how to understand and respond to their environment. Start by engineering a simple algorithm then learn about programming on paper, a “robot” Brownie friend, and on a device.

1. Create a simple machine

2. Test your robot senses

3. Learn about programming

4. Try simple programming

5. Code a robot

When I’ve earned this badge, I will know how robots use sensors and how to create simple programs that could be run by a robot.

Iron-on. Twill with embroidery. Polyester. Made in USA.

Girl Scout badges, awards, and other insignia that are earned for the accomplishment of skill building activities or any set requirements should be presented, worn, or displayed only after Girl Scouts have completed the requirements outlined in the appropriate program materials.