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Cadettes learn more about the amazing properties of light, and how it is used to make discoveries about the universe and space science.

Cadettes discover the dynamic qualities of light by choosing between creating a spinner called a Newton Disk or making “prism pictures.” Girls will then explore “invisible” light by creating a sun print, detecting infrared signals, or exploring more than the eye can see through their own experiment.

They learn more about stars by choosing to either capture stars as an astrophotographer, work to capture their own astronomical images from the ground-based MicroObservatory – a real robotic telescope – or work with a group to classify visible stars based off of their characteristics.

Girls have the option make and record observations about the night and dark sky, as well as use telescopes to see celestial objects clearly.

At the end of this badge experience, girls are encouraged to think of the ways in which they can take action in their communities and beyond to conserve light and energy.

Iron-on. Twill with embroidery. Polyester. Made in USA.

Girl Scout badges, awards, and other insignia that are earned for the accomplishment of skill building activities or any set requirements should be presented, worn, or displayed only after Girl Scouts have completed the requirements outlined in the appropriate program materials.